Sasquatch Sighting at Zip Yosemite?!


Possible Sasquatch sightings west of Yosemite

Oakhurst, CA—March 10, 2013 – In a season dotted with evening shadows and changing weather it appears a legendary creature has been spotted lurking in the foot hills.  Since early winter there have been a multitude of sightings and strange occurrences giving strength to the legend of Sasquatch type beings making their presence known just off of Sky Ranch Road in Oakhurst.

The majority of sightings have been made by people venturing into the mountains to participate in a new zipline experience located just outside Yosemite.  It is speculated that the creatures have always been present but have gone virtually unnoticed due to the lack of people in the area.  The recent development of Zip Yosemite has brought hundreds of new people to the area on a year round basis and possibly peaked the curiosity of Sasquatch creatures that have lived in the area for thousands of years.  After all, who wouldn’t be interested in watching people fly through the sky!

According to Zip Yosemite a number of zipline guests have reported seeing a creature “as pure as the snow is white” prowling in the distance as they zip through the trees.  Historical reports in the area have always hinted to a dark haired Sasquatch, yet according to guides, recent guests are reporting a creature more resembling the Yeti of the Himalayas. 

Does Sasquatch exist?  For those curious to find out for themselves and possibly snap a picture of the illusive creature, Zip Yosemite has introduced ‘Sasquatch Watch 2013’.  To join in the frenzy and be one of the first to view Sasquatch, Zipline tours can be booked directly through Zip Yosemite by calling 559/642-6688 or by logging onto



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