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Zipline / Canopy Tour Safety

July 31, 2012

Zipline / Canopy Tour Safety

EBL, Inc. & EBLY, LLC d/b/a Zip Yosemite is committed to your safety. Through rigorous design and numerous successful zip experiences to date, you can be assured a safe and worry free experience. Our tour is regularly inspected and our staff is trained with your safety as our top priority.

One Cable or Two?

If engineered and maintained, single cable ziplines are fine. Here at EBL, we prefer to install single Zipline cables. Our systems are all reviewed by a Professional and Structural Engineer, then wet stamped for each state we install tours. That said, we also use a half inch cable, not the thinner cable as on most tours. So our "system" is engineered by professional engineers to 26,600 pounds. And in some cases, double cables have caused problems resulting from complications of multiple systems. 

You may find it interesting to know that we have installed in the states over 30 projects, all single cables except 1 project. Our lines are up to a half mile long, with over some 4 million zip experiences since 2002 on EBL installed or operated tours.  We have had no problems with breaking cables or dropped guests. You can think of it this way, if you have your kids go swimming, are water wings on their arms safer that one USCG approved life jacket to prevent drowning? At EBL, for example, we are the licensed life jacket and there is no need to wear two jackets to be any safer.  

Behind the scenes…

EBL has been purposeful with our design and selection of harness systems, including your safety lanyards, helmet, pulley, and the training curriculum that the guides receive. Our methods have been proven sound by experience, destructive testing of our product line and professionally reviewed and installed to licensed Professional Engineer specifications. When you participant on an EBL canopy tour, thousands of hours behind the scenes have been devoted to keeping your experience safe. We are committed to safer operations and continually work within the adventure industry to bring new technologies online to enhance your experiences.

In addition to your safety, we are committed to being "green" by implementing minimum-impact practices from construction site pathways, geographical considerations for pathways such as erosion and ground compaction, Arborist approved tree trimming and construction designs of our engineered platforms, etc. EBL has also introduced its new, ECO Wrap System that installs the cables to the trees without any bolts. When you are standing on a platform, almost a 110 feet off the ground, you want to know, the craftsmanship is top notch. If it is an EBL built and operated course, it is.

Next time you research a canopy tour for your vacation, ask if it is an EBL tour. This is your assurance of a quality tour experience and professionally trained guides..



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